Fuel System


A dirty fuel system is one of the most common reasons for loss of fuel economy. Besides a lack in performance, a dirty and clogged fuel system can also cause major problems in your vehicle, such as engine malfunction and hard starts. Having your vehicle’s fuel system professionally cleaned at least once or twice a year is maintenance that can help prevent failures.

Mt. Pleasant Auto Service Center offers a fuel system service that can clean and unclog carbon deposits and other fuel residue from the fuel injection system throttle body, and other components, including fuel system carbon which causes sensor calibration malfunctions. This service also includes replacing your fuel filter, if needed, which will improve flow to the fuel pump, increased fuel flow, improved airflow, and enhanced combustion. After this service, your vehicle will be travel ready with better fuel efficiency and reduced emissions.

Our services include:

  • replacing fuel injectors
  • O2 Sensors
  • fuel filters
  • fuel pumps
  • fuel lines
  • regulators and
  • any other parts pertaining to the fuel system



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