Air Conditioning (AC)


The air conditioning system like the many automotive systems, is very complex and requires a trained specialist to make any repairs or adjustment. If you’re experiencing problems with your air conditioning, the source of the problem could be anything from your compressor to any of the various hoses or coils involved in the systems. Bring your car to Mt. Pleasant Auto Service Center for our trained technicians to inspect and service your air conditioning system.

Our air conditioning service includes:

  • Inspection of all visual A/C components for leaks.
  • Test for proper freon; service and refill freon.
  • Performance test on A/C system.
  • We replace A/C compressors and clutch assemblies, evaporators, condensers, coolant lines, expansion valves, and flushing services.

It’s best to have your air conditioning system checked at least once or twice a year to help prevent any major repairs and to keep you cool and travel ready.


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