The transmission is a major part of your vehicle. It is made up of hundreds of complex components that enable your vehicle to move, and the transmission fluid also serves a multitude of purposes. Regular maintenance helps keep the transmission fluid clean and the transmission running smoothly. Regular transmission maintenance services can help to prevent transmission failures and keep your transmission in travel ready condition. To help familiarize you with the types of problems that may occur with the transmission, we have listed a few of the common malfunctions that can occur.

  • Loss of power upon acceleration
  • Transmission is unable to go into gear
  • Transmission slipping
  • Chatter or grinding noise
  • Car is unable to move



If a transmission test reveals that major repairs are needed, a transmission rebuild may be necessary. For this repair, the entire transmission is removed and disassembled. Each part within the system is then inspected. Upon inspection, the technician will determine the extent of the damage. Some parts may only require cleaning while others may need replacement. The parts are reassembled, tested, and adjusted. The transmission is then reinstalled with final adjustments being made after installation.
Our services include complete overhauling of automatic and standard transmissions.

We also offer:

  • standard transmission clutch replacement
  • hydraulic cylinders
  • lines
  • reservoirs and
  • flushing



Today’s transmission is much more sophisticated with hundreds of individual components inside needed to operate. In order to properly repair your transmission, these components must be dismantled, cleaned, and inspected to provide you with an accurate assessment. All worn and/or damaged parts are either repaired or replaced. After the parts are thoroughly inspected and repaired, they are reassembled, tested, and adjusted for proper operation.

Some transmission repairs require only an adjustment that can be made without removing the entire transmission. Newer model cars that are computer controlled can sometimes have faulty sensors or bad connections. Once the source of the problem is identified, the part can be replaced or repaired. Older transmissions that are experiencing problems may only require adjustments.

Repairs can also require a reseal. If your automobile is leaving spots on your driveway, you may be leaking transmission fluid. A technician will perform a lift inspection to determine where the leak is occurring and then perform the reseal job.



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